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Amy loves all things quilting!

Amy is the Owner of Amy’s Quilt Room, LLC in Uniontown, PA and is a seasoned quilter that began sewing at a young age.  Her family owned and operated a local sewing/manufacturing business that exposed her to all aspects of the industry, but she didn’t discover her passion for quilting until after college.  

Amy received her Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University in 2000, and began her professional career in Construction Management. Over the years, Amy has worked on many large, well-known and rewarding construction projects in PA, MD, WV and OH.  While traveling for her job early in her career, she found herself looking for a way to express her creative abilities. She was introduced to quilting when she picked up her first quilt magazine and instantly knew that she had found her new passion!

Her quilting career began with a hand-quilted Cathedral Quilt that was easy to take along with her while she traveled for work.  When home, she machine pieced and continued to teach herself all kinds of quilting techniques.  With her strong sewing foundation, she quickly progressed from very simple projects to large quilts.  Eventually she began attending classes to socialize.  Since her first quilt, Amy has completed numerous quilts and projects of all sizes.  She finds great pleasure in gifting her masterpieces to her family and close friends.  Every quilt that she has completed has meaning and a story, but most importantly, she has learned from each of them. 

Realizing her dream, Amy opened the doors to Amy’s Quilt Room (AQR) in February of 2015.  AQR is a full-service quilt shop that focuses on learning.  She believes in sharing her knowledge and inspiring others so they too can become an advanced quilter such as herself.  Over the years she has developed her teaching style, and is extremely comfortable in the classroom. 

Amy teaches a variety of classes in AQR’s large well-appointed classroom where her students can sew, learn, share and grow as quilters.  At AQR, quilters not only have fun exploring their creative abilities but also bond to form everlasting friendships within AQR’s quilting family!  She believes that what she has created in AQR is special and credits her quilting family, who have shown her so much love and support.  Amy is very excited about her adventure as a business owner and hopes to continue to give a fresh perspective on a tradition that has been around for years. 

Amy will occasionally be a guest speaker at quilt guilds, other shops and special events to help spread the love of quilting. 

From the beginning, Amy has always enjoyed the challenge of developing new patterns, learning new techniques and mastering all kinds of quilting tools.  Her technical background, attention to detail and creative mind influenced her ability to create new projects, write patterns and explore all angles of quilting.  Amy is always developing new programs for AQR and writes patterns for her pattern company, The Bear Woods Quilt Company

Amy joined the Studio 180 Design family in February of 2020 when she earned her certificate as a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor .  Not an easy task, she first had to be accepted to the program, then complete Deb Tucker’s intensive week-long training course on the tools and how to effectively teach them.  She now attends continuing education sessions with Deb and her team to stay current on all of newest tools and techniques.  Amy is proud to have been trained by Deb Tucker herself and to be a part of such a talented group.  Perhaps it is her technical background, but she finds great pleasure (and appreciation) for the oversized construction and precision units that all the Studio 180 tools create.  Eager to share her excitement of the Studio 180 Design tools and patterns that make quilting even more enjoyable, Amy offers a variety of Studio 180 classes at AQR and carries the full line of tools and patterns in her quilt shop.

Today, Amy lives in Uniontown, PA where she manages all aspects of AQR while continuing to work a full-time job in Construction Management on local construction projects.  She enjoys spending her free time with her family, friends and being at home with Rufus, the beautiful little grey cat that found her a few years back.  Amy loves to travel as much as possible to explore new places that continue to inspire her. 

AQR gives a fresh perspective on a tradition that has been around for years.

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