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MEET Whistler!  the Newest Member oF AQR's Winter Retreat Team!

Before leaving our 2021 Fall Retreat at Laurelville, this little guy scurried into the Meeting House and inspired the best idea. He had so much fun seeing us laugh and create, he hoped that it would happen again soon.  And how could we say no to such a cute face?  So naturally, we created a BRAND NEW Quiltapalooza Winter Groundhog Retreat that was held in January of 2022.     

Our new buddy
 had made AQR his new home, but he didn't have a name.  So, we ask our quilt family for help to find the perfect name to go with his adorable little face.  Submissions were submitted below and each and every name was taken into consideration, but the one that won the heart of our furry little groundhog, was Whistler!  Thank you to Sandy for the suggestion and Congratulations on receiving $25 gift card to AQR!

Our new friend's name was officially announced with a Facebook Live on Thursday, January 27, 2022 at 8pm, which is the first night at Winter Retreat 2022.  Thank you to Sandy for the suggestion and Congratulations on receiving $25 gift card to AQR!

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